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Beauty at the service of Research

The visual communication agency AiR&D provides you with unique and tailored solutions - photographs, videos, or other media - to showcase your research activities.


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Companies, foundations, universities, or research institutes, AiR&D caters to all needs in terms of scientific communication, both internal and external. Below are a few examples of clients projects.


Photographie scientifique d'un produit Valeo prise par Alexandre Darmon pour l'agence AiR&D

THE BRIEF. The Paris Motor Show is a major event in which Valeo, of course, participates. To showcase their technologies, they have requested AiR&D to photograph their flagship products. 


OUR SOLUTION. AiR&D produced two series of photographs showcasing Valeo components. These images were printed, mounted (120 x 80 cm), and displayed at Valeo's booth during the event. Subsequently, these photographs were part of a social media communication campaign.


THE BRIEF. Shiseido wanted to pay tribute to the raw materials used in their fragrances. They approached AiR&D to tell their story through a photographic series accompanied by texts.

OUR SOLUTION. AiR&D delivered a series of microscope photographs of plants and seeds, accompanied by poetic texts describing the physicochemical properties of these elements. Large prints were produced to adorn the walls of their new research center and Shiseido's headquarters in Paris. 

Bettencourt Schueller Foundation

THE BRIEF. Every year, the Foundation presents awards to researchers whose work contributes to the wellness of society. At the awards ceremony they wanted to present photographs and videos of the researchers in action.  

OUR SOLUTION. Every year, AiR&D visits the laboratories of the laureates on behalf of the Foundation to capture these photographs (in addition to videos, see below). The photographs capture the researchers at work, the equipment they use, and the lab environment.